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What’s Next in 2018?

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This is week 52. The final week in 2017. This week’s topic: New Year’s Resolution.

I had set myself several goals -personal and writing – for 2017 and I’ve met quite a few of them. My power word of the year for 2017 was INCREASE. The plan was to increase my daily word count, increase social media interaction, increase the number of blog posts and learn how to use Canva. In last week’s post, I mentioned I began to write in small bites of 250 words four times a day not every day, which allowed me to increase my word count. For social media, I now post more than ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary’. I take a more active part in conversations. That’s huge for me. I joined this blog hop and while I did not blog each week, I have blogged more this year than I ever have. I make some of my own simple social media graphics with Canva. I didn’t do so good with November NANOWRIMO. The idea of 50k words in one month is too much for me. I achieve better results with Camp NANO in April and July so I’ll be sticking with that.

For 2018, I’ve added two power words to help inspire me personally and in my writing. FOCUS and MOTIVATION.  In late 2017, I started attending an exercise and dance class at the local community center two days a week.  I plan to continue the classes and boost my weight loss efforts with healthy eating, I plan to increase my word count by 50 words (that will be 300 words), and I plan to continue everything I achieved this year. I need to focus more on Point of View, so I’ll  read craft books and take a few workshops. And, I plan to attend a couple of Reader’s Luncheons in my area and a mini-conference to get a feel for in-person author/reader interaction.

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Merry Christmas

2017 WordPress Blog Merry Christmas

Wishing you lots of love, joy, and happiness. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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New Author Advice #MFRWAuthor

This is week 51. After tomorrow, there will be only one more week in this month, in this year. Can you believe it? I have enjoyed participating in the blog hop challenge. Reading the various posts and getting to know the authors participating has been a joy.

Today’s topic ‘Advice to a New Author.’ Tough topic. I still consider myself a new author. I’m still working on stories that I  hope to publish for the first time next year. The advice I’d give another new author is this:

Lucy advice booth

                 (Charlie Brown/Peanuts-Charles Schultz)

Read. Read books in your preferred genre. Read books you wouldn’t normally read. I visited a great-aunt the summer of 2016. As I prepared to leave, she gifted me with a non-fiction book on a subject I wouldn’t have ever considered buying. I read part of the book on my flight home and finished it within a week of my return. It was a great book and it sparked a lot of ideas that I copied into my story idea book.

Write. There is the school of thought that you should write every day. I tried. I would stare at my monitor for hours waiting for words to pop into my head. None came through before I would give up and played my favorite game,  3D Mahjong. I found I did better when I wrote in bites of about 250 words three or four times a day. Not every day. Lesson learned. Do what works best for you when it comes to the time you designate to write.

Join a writing group in person or online. Writing is solitary but if you locate a person or persons you have someone you can hang with or chat online with as you travel on your writing journey that you can bounce ideas off of or brainstorm with.

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